A Different World

June 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

I started looking for office space yesterday.  In my search, I went to a shared office park called WeWork.  There are a lot of shared office parks all over NYC (and probably other major innovation centers).  The vibe in these shared office parks is amazing.  So positive!  So much energy.  Walking out, I realized that this is a world which most non-entrepreneurs probably do not know exists.  Let me describe the scene…

We Work has a few floors in the building that are sectioned off into offices of different sizes.  They all have glass walls.  Some offices are made for individuals, some for two people, or more.  I saw one that could house up to 8 people.  They have a common area complete with Xbox and coffee machine.   It looks like a normal office, except that each floor houses probably 8-12 different companies.

Walking around you see a very different scene than that of most large company offices.  Everyone is hustling.  It is a very collaborative environment.  You see energy and passion everywhere you look.  You see everyone chasing the American Dream.  It is really exciting to see.  It is inspiring.  Juxtapose that with the dismal ADP jobs report and Case-Schiller report yesterday.  You don’t hear talk of a Double Dip in here.  Or of Congress pushing the country into default.  There is only a focus on building a business.  But I couldn’t help feel that these entrepreneurial centers see a very different world.  A glass half full world.  A world that sees a bad jobs report or a bad Case-Schiller report and says, “looks like an opportunity!”

Staying on my soap box for one more minute, I truly believe this is what makes America great – this entrepreneurial passion even during some tough macro times.  It has been bread in us due to our founding as a country.  And it is the reason you never short America.  We will always rebound.  And it is the passion you see in these office parks that will lead us back to good times again.


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