Being A Start-up is A Feature..Not a Bug

There is no doubt that starting a company is hard.  I get reminded how hard it is every time I meet a new prospective customer.  The question about our legitimacy has many forms: “How long have you been in business?” “How many employees do you have?” “How much money did you raise?” “How many customersContinue reading “Being A Start-up is A Feature..Not a Bug”

Critical Criteria When Hiring A Salesperson

Whenever I analyze a salesperson for a job, I first apply the lens of whether she fits the role.  There are four possible sales roles: 1. Existing products to Existing customers This is the easiest type of sell.  Not saying it is easy.  Just the easiest of the four types.  It is the easiest becauseContinue reading “Critical Criteria When Hiring A Salesperson”

Arguing vs. Testing

Culture is everything. Culture determines who you hire, what products you build, how you build those products, and thus ultimately the value of your business.  If you set up the wrong organizational culture you are doomed to failure, no matter how talented individual employees are or how attractive the market you are attacking. Are Your WinnersContinue reading “Arguing vs. Testing”

Why I Shut Down Irrive After Only 3 Months

In early 2011 I had an idea.  I was planning a trip and thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to search all of my friend’s travel content (pictures, itineraries, social data, etc) when planning a trip.  A ton of travel content already existed.  I knew people would gladly share theirContinue reading “Why I Shut Down Irrive After Only 3 Months”